Welcome to Optimum Parent & Family Coaching

Julie Cresswell, ICF accredited coach, helping parents feel calmer, clearer and more confident, headshot taken by the waterside.

If you’re a parent feeling lost, overwhelmed and not sure what to do next, coaching may be the ideal approach for you!

When you have space to think you often find the most valuable insights and effective solutions to your situation.

I’m Julie, a qualified coach and I work with parents to help create space to think so that you can bring more calm, connection and flow to your family life.

In the busyness of family life it  is all too easy to end up on a treadmill of activity with no time to think or evaluate what is truly working for you or your children. 

This is especially true if your child struggles with everyday expectations and is easily overwhelmed or frustrated.  Family life can feel tumultuous and draining.

As your coach I help you create space to reflect and gain the clarity, insights and confidence you need to move forward one step at a time.

Parent helping child across stepping stones. Image to represent how coaching helps you find ways forward one step at a time.