Working With You

When you are exploring how to make your unique family life calmer, more connected and more enjoyable then a bespoke approach is often best.

I offer a range of coaching services including 1:1, couples and group sessions. The frequency and length of sessions are tailored to suit your needs.

Whether you just want a one off focused session or a short series of sessions or regular coaching over a longer period of time we can explore together what will work for you.

During the initial consultation we discuss your needs and then create a plan.

Julie Cresswell, ICF Accredited coach,  Helping parents feel calmer, clearer and more confident, sitting at table of coffee shop reading book.

1:1 & Couples Coaching

Session length ranges from 30-90 mins according to what suits you best. For couples sessions I recommend 90 mins.

First 6 coaching hours: £75 per hour
After 6 hours: £60 per hour

Group Sessions

Busy Parent Book Club

The Busy Parent Book Club was born out of a number of clients purchasing books to help boost their knowledge and understanding, but struggling to find the time to read and digest this information. Instead of a commitment to read one book a month you join for 3 sessions, reading 1 book, spread monthly.

Thinking Space – The Wellbeing Hour

A small group coaching session for parents who know they could do with a wellbeing boost as they support their child.

These are run over a Thursday lunchtime on a termly basis.

After a small annual membership fee these sessions are free of charge.