About Me

Photo of family spending time together.  Children and dad are watching as mum is pointing to something.

Hi! I’m Julie. 

I’m passionate about children growing up feeling seen, heard, understood and accepted for the unique individual they are.

I also know that the realities of family life can be tricky. Supporting your child, especially if they find everyday expectations difficult can be hard and lonely as a parent.

My own journey into parenting was back to front – I was a foster carer for 7 years along with my husband, Steve. Our first “child” was 17 and our second was 14! These experiences plus having my own birth children who are now 7 and 9 have taught me there really is no one size fits all.  We’ve had many moments feeling stuck, misunderstood, frustrated and exhausted over the years. 

In those challenging times having a safe space to talk, reflect, step back and access our expertise on our children has consistently made a huge difference to our experience of family life.  When we had support as parents we were better able to support our children and family life was calmer and happier.

It’s why doing this work matters so much to me.  When you feel calmer and clearer your whole family will reap the benefit and you’ll enjoy this precious time together so much more.

Photo of Julie Cresswell,Coach working with parents who want clearer thinking and a calmer family life.

About Me Professionally

It might also help you to know I’m a qualified coach.  I trained with the Coaching Academy and I’m an ICF Accredited Coach and ICF (International Coaching Federation) as part of my ongoing professional accountability and development.  

As well as my training and experience as a foster carer, I worked as a teacher for many years in a pupil referral unit educating young people who had struggled in the mainstream system.  Throughout my career I’ve worked with young people with additional challenges including trauma, social and emotional difficulties as well as those who are neurodivergent.

I still regularly work with young people in a local independent school which offers bespoke education.  This includes young people with EHCPs. Whilst in my private work I focus on working with parents I am very familiar with the SEND system and its challenges!